Your guide to enjoy 1 day in Pamukkale

Welcome everyone to a new blog post. Thank you so much for taking time to read this, it means the world to me *crying emoji*. I am certain that you will like this one! lets roll people.

This post is another one of the “1 day” series, which means its going to be pretty cool. Today our post is going to be about a city or more like an area called Pamukkale in Turkey, the cotton city, it was seriously one of the best places I visited.

Pamukkale is known for its famous name the cotton castle, a huge white rocks with hot minerals water, it is one of the World Heritage places that you must MUST visit! AND I am going to help you reach and enjoy this place. I KNOW THANK YOU ZEINA.

IMG_4061 2
epic view from the top.

How to get there? which is the most important question of all times! (Thats why I am here) let me tell you that Pamukkale is not a city in Turkey, its more like a part in a city. The main city is Denizli, and yes they do have a tiny miny airport in the middle of no where.

You can either take a bus or a plane to Pamukkale, I am not sure about the buses but its very easy and cheap to book a plane, which will only take 1 hour to reach (You can tell by now I hate buses IN TURKEY).

Denizli airport – Denizli Çardak Airport

IMG_4144 2
one plane in the whole airport.

After you reach the airport, just go out and you will see a big bus infront of the airport, tell the guy Pamukkale. The bus will take around 35 minutes to reach. When you reach a certain point, a minibus will be waiting for you to take you directly to Pamukkale (10 -15 minutes to reach). It is a very very small town with a very cute and nice people that somehow speak english! YES ENGLISH.

Zeina tip: Download if you want to check where you are and you don’t have an internet.

You will see Pamukkale from far away, a huge white spot in the middle of the mountain!

That water people.

Once you arrive, walk directly to the big white thing and pay an entrance fees of almost 35 TL.

Zeina Tip: bring a plastic bag cause you will need it once you remove your shoes.

My tips are life changing *cool emoji*.

IMG_4032 2
Don’t know why my feet are red.

Everyone asks the same question, is it snow? No, it is not. It is a type of a white rock and NO the water is not cold, its actually hot water, it is like healing water, your legs will feel amazing after you leave.

Ugly picture, Lovely view

Once you reach the top, there will be another area that you should visit which is the city of Hierapolis, it is a Roman ruins, in different places, the major one is on the top, follow the signs. It will not disappoint you!


I mean you can’t believe that this kind of ruins will be near Pamukkale. Note that you are not allowed to go down, its for your safety and for the protection of the ancient city.

I really recommend going in the summer because you will able to swim and enjoy the warm water. And for me 1 day was more than enough! You will enjoy and go home in the night.

This was a short post but I hope it made you want to visit this beautiful place. I will drop a link below to let you read more about this place. Follow me on Facebook The Zeina Diary. Till next time.

Turkey Travel planner

Hasan also trying to be cool.



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